The InDex Wedding was a success; Mandy Rose reveals new look and stable name

The InDex Wedding was a success; Mandy Rose reveals new look and stable name
The InDex Wedding was a success; Mandy Rose reveals new look and stable name

NXT 2.0 kicked off tonight as a new look came to the brand. With this revamped style comes a wedding. A wrestling wedding, what could go wrong?

With the love between Indi Ophelia Hartwell and Dexter Gaylord Lumis known together as the couple name InDex, surprising it took place without a hitch! Nothing went wrong.

The wedding took place in the main event and prior to it taking place, a video package of the relationship between InDex was played. Hartwell was also seen earlier in the night with her bridal party: Candice LeRae, Cora Jade, and Persia Pirotta. The guests at the wedding included many NXT Superstars. Johnny Gargano walked Indi down the aisle and tears were already flowing. Gargano gave her away but wanted to make sure Hartwell wanted to go through with it and of course, she did!

When the wedding officiant asked the all-important question on if anyone believes that Hartwell and Lumis should not be joined in matrimony to speak now or forever hold their peace, nearly all the guests raised their hands. Lumis then revealed he had a hatchet in his jacket which made them all rethink their position.

Now onto the vows. Indi poured her heart out to basically conclude that she loves Dexter despite others thinking he is a creep and a stalker. When it was Dexter’s turn for his vows, a hush came over the crowd. He gave a thumbs up. Lumis then attacked the wedding officiant for telling him that he should have more to his vows. Beth Phoenix then revealed that she was ordained last night and she would now officiate the wedding.

Phoenix would then finish the ceremony and asked for the “I do’s.” And Lumis finally utters his first words by saying “I do.”

Prior to the successful wedding ceremony, there were a few women’s matches. B-FAB had her in-ring debut and defeated Kartina Cortez. You can read about this and the debut of Ivy Nile who joined the Diamond Mine by clicking here.

As announced earlier in the day, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne faced Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter. Prior to the match, Dolin and Jayne were backstage talking to Mandy Rose who had her face and head covered. They alluded that her look had changed in a good way. Taking it back to last week, Rose sported a face mask after her prior match with Sarray caused her face to be kicked in.

Dolin and Jayne would go out to the ring without Rose until she showed up to cause a disqualification just a few minutes into the match. She would go on to remove the hood from over her head to reveal the face mask from last week was gone and she is now a brunette.

The three would attack Catanzaro and Carter until they were standing strong in the ring. Sarray would rush to the ring to even the number.

As a result, a second match was made as a six-woman tag team match. The match came down to Rose first getting her hands on Sarray. After she plants her into the mat, Sarray rolls out. Carter then took advantage of Rose being distracted by Sarray that she gave a swift kick straight to the head of Rose. Rose kicked out which enraged Carter who couldn’t believe it.

Jayne then distracted Carter on the ring apron by attempting a clothesline. Although Jayne missed with her attack, it was enough to distract Carter. Rose delivered a knee to the face to get the three count and the win for her team.

In a Digital Exclusive, the trio led by Rose now has a stable name. They are now known as Toxic Attraction and they are putting the whole NXT roster on notice.

Despite the amount of women representation on tonight’s show, one match did not take place.

Prior to NXT starting, it was first reported by Fightful Select that the championship match between NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Franky Monet was nixed. This was indeed the case and they showed a promo for Gonzalez during the show that highlighted her dominance.

It wasn’t explained during the show why this match was cut, but a Digital Exclusive did have a further kayfabe explanation. Last week it was Robert Stone who told Franky that the match was a go. In the clip below, Jessi Kamea was arguing about the championship match not taking place and Stone saying the match was confirmed. Franky stopped them from arguing but called Stone a liar. She instructs him to go get William Regal on the phone and fix this.

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