WWE Star Teases Bringing Back An Infamous Gimmick Match

WWE Star Teases Bringing Back An Infamous Gimmick Match
WWE Star Teases Bringing Back An Infamous Gimmick Match

Photo Courtesy of WWE
Welcome back? There are all kinds of different matches in the wrestling world and some of them are a lot more unique than others. You don’t get to see all of them every week as it could get dull in a hurry. Sometimes a promotion finds a match that it only busts out in extreme situations, with WWE being no exception. One such match be making it’s return soon.

In a new interview with El Brunch de WWE, Jinder Mahal discussed the history of the Punjabi Prison match. Mahal mentioned that Great Khali designed the match and then appeared to help Mahal win his edition of the match against Randy Orton at Battleground 2017. While Mahal said that he did not want to have too many matches inside the structure, he did want to face Drew McIntyre in such a match. No match between the two has been announced as of yet, though they are feuding.

The Punjabi Prison match consists of a pair of cages made of bamboo surrounding the ring. A series of doors can be opened, allowing a wrestler to move from one cage to the other. The first person to escape both cages and get to the floor outside wins. The match was first held at Great American Bash 2006, when Undertaker defeated Big Show (who was substituting for Great Khali, who was dealing with elevated liver enzymes). Khali would participate in the second match, losing to Batista at No Mercy 2007. The most recent edition took place at Battleground 2017, when Mahal retained against Orton.

The match is certainly unique. Check out what might be coming back:

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