More On Keith Lee’s Return To WWE Television

More On Keith Lee’s Return To WWE Television
More On Keith Lee’s Return To WWE Television

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It took long enough. Every now and then, a WWE wrestler will go away for one reason or another. It could be for something physical, mental, creative or something else, though occasionally we don’t actually know what is going on. The latter is the case this time, but we got a pretty cool return this week on Monday Night Raw. Now we know a little bit more about what is going on.

Keith Lee made his return to WWE television this week, wrestling his first match since since the February 8 Monday Night Raw. According to, Lee’s return is not a one off appearance, meaning he should be back regularly. Lee has also been cleared to return and he was not being held off of television for a creative issue. There is no word on why Lee has been gone for the last five months, but he has said he will explain his absence when he can.

Lee is a former NXT and North American Champion, having held both titles simultaneously in July 2020. Soon after losing the NXT Title to Karrion Kross, Lee was called up to Monday Night Raw. Once there, he had hit and miss success, with his biggest victory being a win over Randy Orton at Payback 2020. Lee was scheduled to participate in a triple threat match for the United States Title at Elimination Chamber 2021 but was pulled from the match for unknown reasons.

The man is back. Check out some of what Lee can do on Monday Night Raw:


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