WATCH: CM Punk In New Horror Movie

WATCH: CM Punk In New Horror Movie
WATCH: CM Punk In New Horror Movie

IMG Credit: WWE
It’s another career. Roddy Piper once said something like “when I was a wrestler, they said I was acting, but when I was acting, they said that I was a wrestler”. Wrestling and acting would seem to go hand in hand but that has not exactly been the case most of the time. Occasionally you will see a wrestler who can make it work, and that might be the case again this time.

CM Punk is appearing in a new horror film, called Jakob’s Wife, which will be released on the Shudder streaming service on August 19. The film tells the story of a woman who gains powers after meeting a strange man, causing her husband to have to try and save her. Punk plays a supporting role in the film as Deputy Colton. Since leaving wrestling, Punk has dabbled in acting, most notably in the Girl On The Third Floor.

This sounds cool. Check out the trailer for the film, plus some of what made Punk famous:

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