Interesting Sign On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

Interesting Sign On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future
Interesting Sign On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

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That might be a bad sign. There are all kinds of wrestlers in the world today and not all of them are part of WWE. Some of them might have been at one point, but not everyone winds up sticking around. That can lead to some interesting situations when one might be on the way back, but it seems for now that someone already gone might stay that way for a little while to come.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, Daniel Bryan is not listed on a major upcoming project for WWE. While not confirmed, the project is suspected to be the latest WWE video game. Bryan was one of several names listed as being part of the project, which could suggest that he is not part of the company’s plans in the near future. If this is the video game, this move would be made to avoid paying Bryan and others royalties.

Bryan has not been seen on WWE television since the April 30 edition of SmackDown when he lost to Roman Reigns in a Universal Title match. As a result of his loss, Bryan was forced to leave SmackDown for good, though he has not appeared on any other WWE programming since. Bryan’s WWE contract reportedly expired soon after the match, leaving him as a free agent.

You might need to remember him. Check out some of Bryan’s time in the company:

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