WWE Was Very Confused Over Another Released Wrestler

WWE Was Very Confused Over Another Released Wrestler
WWE Was Very Confused Over Another Released Wrestler

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What a mess. The biggest WWE story of the year has been the string of releases from the company. WWE has released dozens of wrestlers over the first six months of the year and there is always a chance of more taking place. The releases have been from all levels of the roster, including some from NXT. This led to some extra details, and now another released wrestler has revealed another big one.

Earlier this week, Malaki Black, formerly Aleister Black in WWE, made his AEW debut on Dynamite. This was a bit confusing, as Black had only been released from WWE for thirty five days, rather than the usual ninety days. After, a report stated that the issue was over a clerical error, as Black’s clause was not changed from thirty days to ninety when he was moved from NXT to the main roster. It turns out that might not be the only case.

In an interview with Fightful, former WWE superstar Buddy Murphy revealed that WWE called him on June 3, the day after he was released, to ask if he wanted to extend his no compete clause. Should he have accepted, he would have been paid for an additional sixty days, which confused Murphy as he was released as a budget cut. However, Murphy had received a letter telling him that his no compete clause was ninety days, meaning he is allowed to appear elsewhere on August 31. WWE did not realize this when they called him. It is not clear if any other released wrestlers did not have their contracts changed.

There is a lot here. Check out the full interview, plus some of Murphy’s best in WWE:

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