Very Positive Update On Terry Funk’s Health

Very Positive Update On Terry Funk’s Health
Very Positive Update On Terry Funk’s Health

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Not so fast? Like any other business, you can get some bad news in wrestling from time to time. People are going to have to deal with negative situations and some of them are a lot more serious than others. Some of the worst involve health issues and that was the case with one of the biggest legends in wrestling history this week. It just might not be as bad as it seems.

Earlier this week, news began to circulate of Terry Funk being in poor health. Later in the day, Funk’s official Twitter account acknowledged the reports, saying that Funk was indeed staying in an assisted facility for both physical and mental health issues. It seemed that Funk, 77 years old, was in pretty bad shape, but then an update came in that made things seem a lot better.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer said that he spoke to Funk on June 30 and that Funk was better than reports suggested. Dreamer said Funk was “sharp as a tack” and spoke for forty minutes the previous week. In another conversation on July 6, Dreamer said Funk was joking about coming out of retirement to face Roman Reigns. Funk is said to have been doing better since he has begun staying in the facility, though he can be forgetful and had a rough stretch with his physical health.

Dreamer and Funk do have a history together. Check out some of their time in wrestling, plus a look at each of them on their own:

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