Samoa Joe Details His Love Of AJ Styles’ Hair

Samoa Joe Details His Love Of AJ Styles’ Hair
Samoa Joe Details His Love Of AJ Styles’ Hair

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It isn’t something you hear about every day. There are certain wrestlers who work together very well no matter what situation they are in together. Those matches will be repeated over and over because the promotion knows that they have something with them, which is certainly the case in WWE. Now we know a reason why one of the wrestlers liked working with another and it is as unique as you can get.

Samoa Joe recently appeared on Out Of Character With Ryan Satin and discussed his feud with AJ Styles. During the interview, Samoa Joe revealed that he liked choking Styles unconscious with the Koquina Clutch because he liked the smell of Styles’ hair. According to Samoa Joe, Styles uses a mixture of hair conditioners that contain lavender and lilac, though he does not like when Styles uses the shea butter. Here are his comments, with transcription courtesy of Fightful:

AJ [Styles] always has impeccably smelling conditioner in his hair. It’s always very pleasant for me. I get a little lavender, a little lilac with my pain and agony. It’s a rare thing, you don’t get that combination and you can’t buy that in the street.” Joe added, “It’s a specialized and happy experience and I get to enjoy it every time I wrap my arms around AJ’s neck. He’s number one. You can’t beat that. Sometimes, the shea butter, I’m not a big fan when he puts that in his hair, it doesn’t have the same scent. When he goes lavender or when he goes to the body shop and gets the good stuff, trust me, it’s a great night for me.

These two do work well together. Check out some of their WWE matches:


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