WWE Confirms Top Stars Get Married This Week

WWE Confirms Top Stars Get Married This Week
WWE Confirms Top Stars Get Married This Week

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That’s a special day. Wrestlers have some of the most complicated personal lives you will find. When a promotion is on tour full time, a wrestler is not going to be home that often and it can be rather difficult to figure out how to balance work and anything behind the scenes. It can help to have wrestlers together, and that is what we saw this week in a pretty cool way.

WWE has confirmed that Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch were married on Tuesday. This comes after Rollins sent out an Instagram Story showing Lynch and saying that it “seems like a fine day to (finally) get married.” The couple had been engaged since August 2019 but the wedding was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There are no further details on the wedding so far.

Lynch has been absent from WWE television since May 2020 due to maternity leave. She gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Roux, in December and has been training for a return to the ring. There is no word on when she will be returning to WWE television. Rollins is currently appearing on SmackDown and feuding with Cesaro, who he defeated at Hell In A Cell.

They have been around for a bit. Check out their work on their own and as a team:


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