Eddie Kingston on what influences his promo style

Eddie Kingston on what influences his promo style
Eddie Kingston on what influences his promo style

Even as part of a roster that’s as deep with outstanding talkers as All Elite Wrestling, Eddie Kingston sits at the top in that department.

Whether he’s a hated heel or a beloved babyface, the 19-year journeyman’s authenticity and conviction make even the most innocuous promos the most captivating part of any show he’s on. The man has mastered the difficult art of pulling fans into whatever story a wrestler is trying to tell.

So, how does Kingston go about putting together these promos?

Eddie Kingston talks about his process for constructing promos.

Taking part in a Pro Wrestling Junkies Q&A, Kingston discussed his inspirations when crafting his promos (h/t to Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert for the transcription):

“I used to talk a lot of s— on the street and you have to be quick-witted on the streets when you’re talking shit, before you knuckle up. It is reality-based, but I try to make sure I bring it back around to wrestling. You can go too far on reality where it doesn’t come to wrestling and has nothing to do with wrestling. Lyrics from some of my favorite artists help me out a lot like AFI, 2Pac, DMX. I’m into a group called The Builders and The Butchers. Their lyrics speak to me. When I hear a certain lyric, I’ll take that lyric and run with it and figure out how I can put it in wrestling. Music has a lot to do with it. Movies as well. I put reality in, but make sure I put pro wrestling because the people are there for pro wrestling.”

Though this wasn’t meant to air on television, Kington’s mic skills set the wrestling world ablaze following the June 26 episode of AEW: Dynamite, as he cut a “send the fans home happy” promo that took aim at WWE — which he referred to as “the other channel”.

He and Penta El Zero M will team up this Wednesday on Dynamite against The Young Bucks and if Kingston and Penta win, they will receive an AEW World Tag Team Championship match.

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