VIDEO: Title Change Takes Place On NXT UK

VIDEO: Title Change Takes Place On NXT UK
VIDEO: Title Change Takes Place On NXT UK

IMG Credit: WWE
History has been made. There are all kinds of titles under the WWE banner these days and some of them are among the most prestigious in the wrestling world today. Throw in the fact that a longer title reign could make things all the more important and titles are even better. A long form champion losing their title can be a big deal and that was the case this week.

This week on NXT UK, Meiko Satomura defeated Kay Lee Ray to become the new NXT UK Women’s Champion. The title win ends Ray’s record setting reign at 649 days, or over two thirds of the title’s history. Ray originally won the title back on August 31, 2019. Satomura’s win makes her the fourth champion in the title’s history, following Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm and Ray.

The title match was Satomura’s second shot at Ray’s championship, following a loss in her first opportunity on March 4. Following her loss, Satomura won a five woman gauntlet match on the May 13 edition of NXT UK. Satomura made her NXT UK debut back in February, having signed with the promotion to be both a wrestler and a trainer at the NXT UK Performance Center.

This was a big moment. Check out how the title change went down and what both of them had to say after the match:

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