Former WWE Star Announces Surprise Retirement

Former WWE Star Announces Surprise Retirement
Former WWE Star Announces Surprise Retirement

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Maybe this time? Retirements in wrestling are a weird situation, as you never can tell when someone is going to actually be gone. Terry Funk made a career out of retirements, with his first retirement taking place in the early 1980s and spanning into the 2000s. Some wrestlers just cannot get out, but another one seems to be ready to hang it up for good. Again.

Lio Rush has announced his retirement from wrestling via Twitter and Instagram. Rush said that it is time for him to move on, citing an injury that he suffered during an appearance at AEW’s Double Or Nothing last month. During the appearance, Rush suffered a separated AC joint in his shoulder, which will need time off to heal. As a result, Rush has decided to retire, while thanking everyone for giving him a chance. Once he is healed, he will make appearances for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is signed, to meet contractual obligations.

Rush, 26 years old, debuted in November 2014 and wrestled around the world, including in New Japan, AEW, WWE, Ring of Honor and around the independent circuit. During his career, Rush won the WWE Cruiserweight Title, the MLW Middleweight Title and the CZW World Title, among others. Rush teased retiring from wrestling in July 2020 but returned before the end of the year.

Rush had quite a nice career. Check out some of his better moments:


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