NWA to host a women’s-only PPV event in 2021

NWA to host a women’s-only PPV event in 2021
NWA to host a women’s-only PPV event in 2021

The National Wrestling Alliance is coming off the Our Shadows Fall PPV and news around their next event has already caught the eye of many in professional wrestling. Fightful broke news via their Fightful Select service about NWA planning an all-women PPV event.

According to the report this show is planned for August 28, but that date has yet to be officially announced by the promotion.

NWA has struggled to maintain the interest of wrestling fans since the COVID-19 global pandemic forced the industry to a halt. The promotion recently moved behind the FiteTV paywall which has not been met with the most resounding of praise. Plus, the main event finish of Our Shadows Fall caused a lot of complaints by those that purchased the event and within wrestling media.

However, there is a heavy desire to see women featured in such a way. WWE touched the tip of the spear when it presented WWE Evolution in 2018. This was a women’s only event on the WWE Network that received strong praise from the wrestling community. Fans have begged for another event or a women’s-focused show to showcase the depth of talent within the promotion, but that continues to be ignored by the company.

National Wrestling Alliance does not have the depth that the WWE has when it comes to their women’s division, but they do have very solid starting blocks with individuals such as current NWA World Women’s champion, Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa. Plus, there is the recent signing of Kylie Rae that brings back an extremely popular name that had walked away from wrestling. It would be interesting to see if there is an opportunity to leverage some of the women from AEW for this event as well.

Women’s wrestling deserves to be featured front and center. There is a desire to see talented names on-screen in impactful ways. The news of NWA putting together a women’s PPV is a positive move for those that love wrestling and the women that put on great showcases in the ring.

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