Sting’s Return to the Ring Stole the Show at Double or Nothing

Sting’s Return to the Ring Stole the Show at Double or Nothing
Sting’s Return to the Ring Stole the Show at Double or Nothing

In a show filled with so many great moments,  the legendary Sting making his in-ring return lived up to the hype and undoubtedly stole the show at Double or Nothing. Just like Tom Brady or Lebron James, father time stood no chance against Sting as the 62-year-old had an amazing performance in his match with Darby Allin against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. For his first match in a ring in almost 7 years, Sting looked great and tore the house down in front of the sold out crowd at Daily’s Place.

When Sting signed with AEW this past December, many were speculative as to whether or not he would ever compete in a traditional wrestling match. It appeared at first that this would be the case, however, after receiving a devastating powerbomb from Brian Cage, the possibility of Sting wrestling again became much larger. At Revolution, we saw him and Darby compete against Team Taz in a cinematic match which was very well received. Little did anyone know that this would lead to what we saw last night at Double or Nothing.

The hot crowd of nearly 6,000 people came together and rallied behind the Icon and Darby and the duo did not disappoint. Early in the match, Scorpio Sky hit a suplex to Sting on the stage presumably leaving him out for the most of the match. However, Sting quickly popped back up to the surprise of Sky and everyone watching and tossed Sky off the stage before diving onto him and Page with the crowd going crazy behind him as You Still Got It” chants rang out through Daily’s Place.

The match concluded with Sting outsmarting Sky before hitting him with his signature scorpion death drop and the crowd went nuts. While the majority of the match featured Darby, Sting made the most of his time in the ring and silenced any doubters and naysayers of his physical capabilities at 62 years old. The fans in attendance greatly appreciated this and gave him one of the largest ovations of the night.

If this was Sting’s final in-ring match of his career, then what a way to go out by stealing the show on arguably AEW’s best pay per view to date. If this was not his final match, then the possibilities are endless for potential matches and feuds and more iconic performances from the Icon in AEW.

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