Kurt Angle Teases Coming Out Of Retirement

Kurt Angle Teases Coming Out Of Retirement
Kurt Angle Teases Coming Out Of Retirement

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One more time? Wrestling is a unique sport in that retirements do not exactly carry the most weight. There have been countless instances of a wrestler hanging up their boots and then coming back later on for either one more match or even one more run. That is not the worst problem to have, but it is rarely a special feeling. Now another legend is teasing trying it again.

Kurt Angle has sent out a tweet saying that the rumors of John Cena returning to WWE have him thinking about his own retirement. Included is a clip saying “so you’re telling me there’s a chance”. Angle, 52, wrestled his retirement match at WrestleMania 35 in a loss to Baron Corbin. Should he return, it is not clear where he would wrestle, after being released from WWE last year.

Angle debuted for WWE in 1999 and worked for the company until 2006, when he requested his release and left for TNA Wrestling. Following a ten year run with the promotion, Angle returned to WWE, where he stayed for three more years, including wrestling his retirement match and serving as General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Angle also wrestled on the independent circuit as well as in New Japan.

You might have heard of him. Check out Angle’s time in the ring:


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