WWE RUMOR: NXT Bringing Back Classic Title

WWE RUMOR: NXT Bringing Back Classic Title
WWE RUMOR: NXT Bringing Back Classic Title

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Put it on the list. There are a lot of titles in the wrestling world today and WWE has quite a few of them. With so many titles around, you can present a lot of wrestlers with individual stories. Several of the titles are interchangeable. That is not the case with all of them though, as there are a few championships which can only apply in certain circumstances. That seems to be the case again in NXT.

According to the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, the Million Dollar Title will be appearing in NXT to continue the feud between Ted DiBiase and Cameron Grimes. DiBiase introduced the title in 1989 and kept it around until 1992 when DiBiase moved on to the tag team division. It has returned over the years in various incarnations. It is not clear how the title will be used in NXT.

DiBiase appeared in NXT last month, following Grimes making a fortune off of the stock market. Grimes has since attempted to buy various expensive items, only to be thwarted by DiBiase at every turn. This led to DiBiase making an appearance in the arena and costing Grimes a match last week. DiBiase is scheduled to appear on next week’s show as well.

There is a story here. Check out how things have gotten here, plus a look at the title:


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