VIDEO: NXT Star Makes SmackDown Debut

VIDEO: NXT Star Makes SmackDown Debut
VIDEO: NXT Star Makes SmackDown Debut

IMG Credit: WWE
Strike up the band! NXT is a weird place as you see some of the newest coming stars getting their chance to showcase themselves. That it exactly the point of a developmental television show and NXT does it as well as almost anyone else in the world today. One of the cool moments is getting to see the NXT star make their main roster debut, which was the case this week.

Rick Boogs, former knock as Rik Bugenhagen in NXT, made his main roster debut this week on SmackDown. Boogs appeared before Shinsuke Nakamura’s match against King Corbin, playing Nakamura to the ring on his guitar. Late in the match, Boogs began playing his guitar again, this time to distract Corbin so Nakamura could steal the pin. There is no word on if this will be a permanent promotion or partnership between the two. Boogs also portrayed Joe Average in a series of Old Spice ads during WWE television earlier this year.

This was pretty awesome. Check out Boogs’ debut, the match, and Boogs’ time in NXT:

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