Charlotte Did Not Like Sharing TV Time With Ric Flair

Charlotte Did Not Like Sharing TV Time With Ric Flair
Charlotte Did Not Like Sharing TV Time With Ric Flair

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With or without? Second generation wrestlers can be very tricky situations. Sometimes the younger version is a natural and sometimes they just do not have it for one reason or another. You can present someone however you want, but if the tools are not there, it just does not work. There are instances where it does, but now one of them is not interested in having the previous generation around any longer.

Charlotte, daughter of Ric Flair, was recently interviewed by the Hindustan Times (English newspaper based in India) and discussed sharing screen time with her father. Charlotte mentioned that she was not happy with her father being involved in their recent storyline involving Lacey Evans, which ultimately ended when Evans revealed that she was pregnant. She also said that she did not want anyone to think that she is selfish, but she wanted to be seen as her own person rather than Flair’s daughter. Flair has not been on WWE television since the story ended in February.

The two generations of Flair’s have been on television together on and off over the years, starting with their time together in NXT. They have been presented as adversaries and united, including with Flair managing Charlotte on multiple occasions. Nearly all of their associations have ended with Charlotte turning on Flair and telling him to go home and leave her alone.

They definitely had a history. Check out some of Charlotte and Flair’s time together in WWE:


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