Shelton Benjamin has a lot of value to give the WWE

Shelton Benjamin has a lot of value to give the WWE
Shelton Benjamin has a lot of value to give the WWE

Wrestling fans opine that there is not a lot to talk about coming out of Monday Night Raw, and that is usually the case. However, this week’s edition of the show featured the split of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. With these two breaking it, it will be interesting to see what is done next with Benjamin at this point in his career. Opportunities abound, and hopefully something positive comes out of this for Benjamin.

Sixteen years ago, Benjamin and Shawn Michaels put on one of the best matches that have occurred on Monday Night Raw. The finish of Benjamin taking the Super Kick after the springboard into the ring was an impressive moment, but it was yet another reminder that Benjamin could work with some of the best of that time. He was already a multiple-time champion and would go on to win more singles titles after taking that defeat to Michaels. Still, Benjamin was unable to push his way through to the main event, just like many other wrestlers of color in the industry.

Fast forward the clock to 2021, and Benjamin can still perform at a high level in the ring. Even at 45 years of age, Benjamin continues to put together a catalog when given the space for good matches. That should continue with him and Alexander having an exceptional match that could either be a part of the WrestleMania Backlash preshow, or one of the other shows available via the WWE platform. Alexander will probably get the push, but past examples have shown that leadership in the promotion does not have much faith in his stock as well.

What is next for Benjamin? With the proper booking, Benjamin could be a threat to any mid-card champion on the WWE roster. He could remain on Raw or even get shuffled over to SmackDown for a change of pace and different matches. There’s also NXT, which as a brand could use another veteran to help build up the younger roster, both inside and out of the ring. He does not have to be elevated to the main roster, but Benjamin should not be pushed back to catering now that both the Hurt Business and this tag team are over. He has way too much left in the tank and is a fan favorite amongst many WWE viewers.

The WWE Universe has gotten behind veterans on the WWE roster and helped push individuals like Kofi Kingston to the title and keeps Naomi trending on social media every week. Shelton Benjamin deserves the same type of push and now that this tag team has split, there are ways that could happen. Benjamin has given a lot to this industry and fans have wanted to see him treated as such for a long time.

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