It’s Her Turn: Why Tamina Is Being Pushed In WWE

It’s Her Turn: Why Tamina Is Being Pushed In WWE
It’s Her Turn: Why Tamina Is Being Pushed In WWE

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That explains a bit. We are less than a month removed from WrestleMania 37 and that means the fallout is in full swing. Being on WrestleMania is a special enough status on its own but the reactions that you can get once you are there can change all kinds of things. It can make or break your next few months and that seems to be the case with a bit of a surprising person.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Tamina is currently receiving a push due to the reaction she received at WrestleMania 37. During her two appearances at WrestleMania in tag team matches, Tamina was cheered by the fans multiple times. Tamina and Natalya are currently feuding with Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, with Tamina having pinned Baszler in a non-title match last week on SmackDown. There is no word on when any potential title match would take place.

Tamina has been part of the WWE roster since May 2010 and has mainly wrestled on the undercard. She has had several alliances and teams over the years, including with AJ Lee and as part of Team BAD and the Welcoming Committee. During her time in WWE, she has only won a single title, winning the 24/7 Title at Hell In A Cell 2019 and losing the title later in the night.

This is a good start. Check out what Tamina had to say on Talking Smack (this is rather good):


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