Here’s What’s Next In A SmackDown Grudge Feud

Here’s What’s Next In A SmackDown Grudge Feud
Here’s What’s Next In A SmackDown Grudge Feud

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Next team up. WrestleMania 37 has come and gone and that means it is time to move forward with all of the fallout. Several of the stories that took place at the show are still going today, albeit with some changes to where the stories were going. That is certainly the case on SmackDown, as some more people have been added to one of them. Now we know where it might be going.

This week on SmackDown, Big E. failed to regain the Intercontinental Title from Apollo Crews, who retained the title via disqualification due to interference from Commander Azeez. After the match was over, Kevin Owens ran in for the save but was attacked by Sami Zayn. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the next step will be a tag team match with Azeez and Zayn teaming up to face Owens and Big E. There is no word on when this match will be taking place.

This match would be combining two feuds, as Azeez cost Big E. the title at WrestleMania and Owens defeated Zayn at the same show. It is not clear where Crews fits into the story, though Azeez did listen to Zayn giving him orders during this week’s SmackDown, meaning that Zayn may tie into the Crews/Azeez pairing. Big E. and Owens had issues of their own during a recent SmackDown, as Big E. did not like Owens getting a title shot of his own.

It was kind of nuts. Check out how the match went down:


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