Former WWE Star Explains How To Talk To Vince McMahon

Former WWE Star Explains How To Talk To Vince McMahon
Former WWE Star Explains How To Talk To Vince McMahon

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Don’t bother knocking? Back in 1996, Steve Austin was walking to his car when Vince McMahon appeared and asked if he had a minute to talk. It turned out that yes, Austin did have time to talk to the most powerful person in the history of processional wrestling and someone who could change his career in a second. Time with McMahon is rare, but it turns out that it might be even harder to come by than it was before.

In a new interview with Fightful Select, former WWE star Steve Cutler explained the issues he had trying to meet with McMahon. Cutler was one of several wrestlers who waited outside of McMahon’s office to try and meet with him, with Bayley encouraging him to continue trying. Eventually Cuter was told to wait in catering instead and later was allowed to meet with Bruce Prichard. This led to another meeting with Prichard and McMahon with Culter’s idea of being paired with King Corbin eventually being used. Cutler was released from WWE in February.

Opinion: This is an interesting insight into the company as you do not hear much about the inner workings behind the scenes. While Cutler having to wait was probably annoying, he did ultimately get to meet with McMahon and was given a chance to do something on television. That is more than a lot of wrestlers get to do, even if it was quite the hassle to make it work. What matters is that it did though, and that the idea was used.

If nothing else, this is somewhat encouraging. WWE has a bad reputation for not taking input, but maybe things are lightening up a bit. The Cutler situation might be an anomaly more than anything else, but it is better than nothing. Hopefully WWE is changing things up a little bit, as there are quite a few problems that stem from the way their creative process works.

What is your favorite McMahon story? Could the process be done better? Let us know in the comments below.

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