Chelsea Green reveals that she pitched to be part of The IIconics

Chelsea Green reveals that she pitched to be part of The IIconics
Chelsea Green reveals that she pitched to be part of The IIconics

Chelsea Green was one of many WWE Superstars who were let go by the company earlier this month. The former member of the Robert Stone Brand was a name on the list of releases that shocked many, especially as it was reported that she had signed a three-year contract extension in late 2020. This was shortly after her SmackDown debut, where she broke her wrist.

Since her release from WWE, Chelsea Green has already been hinting towards what is next in her career. She has teased a return to her former Laurel Van Ness character from IMPACT, and posted photos of her in the past persona to her Twitter page – she was also spotted briefly in the trailer for the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view.

In a recent appearance on Cultaholic’s Straight to Hell series, Chelsea Green delved into her past in WWE. While on the show, she discussed some of her past pitches to Vince McMahon, saying:

“I had a Daisy Duke character. I had a priest, like, no, a sexy nun character for The Messiah, what would be The Messiah’s follower, worshipper. I pitched to be Dominik’s girlfriend….. I pitched so many!”

“One of my favourites that I pitched was being a “Try-(II)conic”. So like, trying to get in and be with them, and you know, do a fake Aussie accent and like try to split them up. But have them realize that I’m really the crazy one and I’m doing this all.”

Chelsea Green also pitched to work with male tag teams in WWE

During her time on the show, Chelsea Green also revealed that she pitched to work with two tag teams from WWE’s men’s division. Green said:

“At one point I asked to be with Ziggler and Roode, I asked them. I pitched to be with Morrison and Miz.”

It appears as though Green had many ideas of how to develop her WWE character prior to her release. Some of these would have been great to see on WWE television.

Which one of Chelsea Green’s WWE pitches would you have liked to have seen play out while she was in the company? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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