Sanjana George signs with WWE, makes India and MMA fans proud

Sanjana George signs with WWE, makes India and MMA fans proud
Sanjana George signs with WWE, makes India and MMA fans proud

Sanjana George has brought a smile to the Indian fans and the Indian subcontinent as she becomes the second female superstar to sign a contract with the wrestling juggernaut. George is known for her MMA skills and obstacle course expertise and has been an avid fan of the WWE. The latest signee is a longtime fan of The Baddest Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey, and it would be nice to see if they ever get an opportunity to throw punches at each other inside the squared circle. The superstar was elated at the news and shared the information through her Instagram post. She also shared an emotional message through her Instagram story for the fans and the believers. Her Instagram story read:

Big Thank you to everyone. Honestly, it’s just the beginning of lots and lots of hard work. Thank you all for the support and love. I hope to do my very best to keep you all entertained and proud. Thank you to all my coaches who helped me get stronger and better. Love to my family and friends and thanking God most of all for this new chapter.

India is an important business market for the WWE. WWE tried to seize the opportunity, and in an attempt, the company did a Superstar Spectacle right on India’s Republic Day. It featured various Indian superstars currently training in the WWE Performance center. The show featured Dilsher Shanky, Jeet Rama, Sareena Sandhu, and a lot of other superstars. It is undeniable that India has made its presence hugely felt in the WWE since The Great Khali made it to the main roster.

The Great Khali was not the first Indian superstar though in the WWE, but he was the first India-born superstar that made his way to the ranks. It is his efforts that paved the way for many other superstars to join the company. Kavita Devi was the first India-born female superstar to join the WWE, and Sanjana George is the second female superstar to do so. George hails from Kerela in India and has experience in the MMA circuit.

Sanjana George made it big in the MMA, and Vince is all eyes for anyone that has made his or her mark in the field of Mixed Martial Arts. It is no surprise that he takes Brock Lesnar so seriously and has high hopes about Ronda Rousey. Can we see Sanjana George join the class of MMA performers that have made it big in the WWE? Only time can give us that answer, though we can expect her to debut sooner than later.

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