Smarten Them Up: New Study Finds WWE Fans Have Highest IQ’s

Smarten Them Up: New Study Finds WWE Fans Have Highest IQ’s
Smarten Them Up: New Study Finds WWE Fans Have Highest IQ’s

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It’s nice to feel smart. Wrestling fans are among the most loyal group of people in all of sports. They have so much content to watch with no weeks off, but they also have to deal with the age old question of “you know it’s fake right?”. Things like this have been annoying for decades and will continue to be so forever, as the question treats fans like they are morons. It turns out, that might be the furthest from the truth.

According to a study released by, WWE fans have the highest IQ of any group of fans studied. The other sports included are baseball, hockey, football, basketball and motor sports. WWE fans scored an average of 112.6, with hockey coming in second at 112.3. In addition, Roman Reigns fans were found to have the highest scores of all fans, with an average score of 126.4, with Daniel Bryan coming in second at 122.2.

Opinion: I’m not entirely sure how accurate this study is, but it’s certainly a nice headline to see. Wrestling fans have a rather undeserved reputation as being unintelligent when that is simply not the case for a good number of people. Wrestling is more complicated than it is given credit for being and it would be nice to see that be recognized among people, as it is long overdue.

It takes a lot of effort to be a wrestling fan and that is not easy to do. Mainstream sports are easy, as you have the schedule, the games and the rules they are played by. Wrestling takes its own form most of the time and that can include a variety of different stories, characters and motivations while still being based on athletics. You don’t get that elsewhere and it is no surprise that it takes a little more to enjoy it.

What do you like about wrestling? Who is the smartest wrestler you have seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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