Raquel Gonzalez should be booked as dominant NXT Women’s champion

Raquel Gonzalez should be booked as dominant NXT Women’s champion
Raquel Gonzalez should be booked as dominant NXT Women’s champion

Raquel Gonzalez is the new NXT Women’s Champion, and she is a powerhouse between the ropes. The new champion not yet received an opportunity to showcase her in-ring skills since winning the title at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver, as the last two episodes of the black and gold brand’s eponymous television show have featured a showcase of the NXT superstars that are women’s champions on different brands. The last show shows also showcased a match between the newest signee, former Joshi star Sarray, but it didn’t allow the women’s champion to showcase her skills between the ropes.

Raquel is a second-generation superstar, but we only know of her, as her father didn’t reach the heights of success as her daughter. The powerhouse has flashed her skills during her feud with the new Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, and it is about time that she gets more opportunities to show off her talents now that NXT has moved to Tuesday Nights.

Raquel Gonzalez should be booked as a dominant NXT Women’s Champion.

The former manager of Dakota Kai needs her own space and shouldn’t work as a second-fiddle to any other superstar. She has the skills, but the big question is: How can Triple H and the team ensure that they deliver on this aspect? Dooming an up-and-coming superstar’s career on the third brand of the WWE will not be a good idea, especially after how things have been going on within the WWE.

Raquel can start by defending her title against Io Shirai in a Stand and Deliver rematch, and this will help “The Genius of the Sky” put her opponent over in the process. Io doesn’t need the belt to prove her skills, but Gonzalez requires it to be a worthy champion. Franky Monet is another worthy opponent to the NXT Women’s Title, and if she needs to fight Dakota Kai to challenge Raquel, then the same will also be a path for Sarray as well.

In wrestling, building great champions usually requires a wealth of quality opponents to challenge the titleholder, and Gonzalez’s reign shouldn’t be the exception to this rule. It is undeniable that the third brand of the WWE has talented superstars in its roster, but the NXT writers will still need to choose wisely when it comes to who steps up to face the new women’s champion. A powerhouse needs storylines in a manner that lets her skills showcased to all, and that can only happen when there are worthy opponents.

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