Mickie James Responds To Garbage Bag Situation

Mickie James Responds To Garbage Bag Situation
Mickie James Responds To Garbage Bag Situation

Can you blame her? One of the bigger and in a way sadder stories from WWE this week came when Mickie James revealed that her belongings had been returned to her in a garbage bag following her release from WWE. This has set off a group of similar stories from other former WWE stars, many of whom have said something like this happened to them. But what does James think now that everything has gotten so big?

Following James’ story coming out, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon apologized to her on Twitter, while also revealing that the person who made the decision to pt her belongings in the bag no longer works for WWE. James responded to McMahon’s tweet on Friday, thanking her for both the professional and personal apologies. James also said that receiving her belongings in a trash bag was symbolic of how she was used in WWE over the last three years.

James returned to WWE in 2017 and aligned herself with Alexa Bliss. This was her main story following her return as she was mainly used to fill in spots in the women’s division. She did compete in the first ever women’s Royal Rumble and women’s Elimination Chamber but failed to win either. James suffered a knee injury at a live event on June 1 2019 which put her out of action for over a year. Her final match with WWE was the 2021 women’s Royal Rumble.

Opinion: Can you blame James for feeling this way? She is one of the most decorated women in WWE history and barely did anything of note over the last several years. Releasing her was one thing, but it is not easy to see your stuff given back to you in a bag. I can accept that Triple H and McMahon did not know this was going on and that they are genuine in their apologies, but the point now is making sure it doesn’t happen again. Just sending them in a new cardboard box would do just fine, so don’t make it more complicated than it should be.

What do you think of the situation? How would you react to this? Let us know in the comments below.

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