Big E. Reveals New Details Of WrestleMania Match

Big E. Reveals New Details Of WrestleMania Match
Big E. Reveals New Details Of WrestleMania Match

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You have to keep them safe. Wrestling is a unique sport in that the wrestlers are cooperating with each other but their job is to keep the fans from realizing it. That can be easier said than done in some cases as some of the matches are not the easiest to get through. Weapons matches are included, and a certain WrestleMania match needed to be kept short for the sake of some safety.

One of the major title matches at WrestleMania 37 saw Apollo Crews defeat Big E. in a Nigerian Drum Fight to become the new Intercontinental Champion. The match featured no DQ and a variety of weapons for the two to use on each other. Big E. appeared on the most recent episode of the After The Bell podcast and revealed that the match ran shorter than expected for the sake of safety. There were several kendo stick shots included in the match, which Big E. said cause more damage than fans realize. The match ran 6:50.

Crews ultimately won the match and the title thanks to interference from the debuting Commander Azeez, who attacked Big E. The feud is continuing, with WWE executive Adam Pearce telling Crews that he will be defending the title against Big E. at some point in the future. Crews successfully defended the title against Kevin Owens during this week’s edition of SmackDown, which Big E. did not appreciate.

The match certainly was physical. Check out Crews vs. Big E.:


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