Mojo Rawley Denies Reports About WWE Release

Mojo Rawley Denies Reports About WWE Release
Mojo Rawley Denies Reports About WWE Release

He would know. One of the biggest stories of the wrestling year so far has been WWE’s string of surprise releases, with ten names being let go from the company in the course of a day. That is quite the amount to drop so fast and it changed the way the company looked. A lot of names were gone in a hurry, though one of them might have been gone earlier, at least depending on whom you ask.

According to PW Insider Elite Audio, Mojo Rawley, one of the ten named released by WWE earlier this month, was actually released much earlier. Rawley is said to have been released in early March instead of mid-April but no announcement had been made yet. Rawley has also said that he his “next chapter begins” on May 31. This would mean that the 90 day no compete clause in WWE contracts would have begun in March instead of April, as is the case with everyone else.

However, Rawley has responded to the report and says that it is not true. Rawley spoke with Fightful Select, saying that he was released on April 15 along with everyone else. While Rawley has said that he is free on May 31, he is not referring to his 90 day no compete clause. It is not clear what Rawley is talking about, though if he was released on April 15, his no compete clause would expire on July 14.

Rawley worked for WWE from 2012-2021, spending time both in NXT and on the main roster. During his time with the company, Rawley wrestled as part of a tag team with Zack Ryder in the Hype Bros before ultimately splitting with him and feuding as a result. Rawley won the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the 24/7 Title seven times. His most recent match took place on the June 19, 2020 SmackDown.

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that can be a little confusing given the way Rawley made his statement. Rawley seems like he is gone just like everyone else as it would be a little hard to imagine him having a different kind of contract than the rest of the released wrestlers. Rawley had a pretty long history with the company but it not like he would be treated differently than most.

I’m not sure what is next for Rawley as he does have a bit of a reputation and is someone who has more than enough energy to make almost anything work. The problem is that he did not do much in the company in the first place, which does not give him the best track record. Hopefully he can find a place to go, as he certainly has the charisma to become something somewhere.

Where will Rawley go next? How big of a star can he become? Let us know in the comments below.

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