You Might Not Be Seeing Vince McMahon As Much

You Might Not Be Seeing Vince McMahon As Much
You Might Not Be Seeing Vince McMahon As Much

IMG Credit: WWE
So long? Throughout the history of professional wrestling, there might not be one person as influential as Vince McMahon. While there are people who shaped wrestling more than he did, there is almost no one who has changed the sport as much as he did. McMahon is someone who can take over almost anything he does on a wrestling show, but he might not be doing that much anymore.

According to, McMahon will not be on television as much anymore as he does not seem as interested in making appearances. McMahon has not seemed as enthusiastic during conference calls and does not want to answer questions from the media. It is not clear why exactly this is, though he is still active in running the day to day operations of WWE, including as recently as WrestleMania 37 when he made a memorable appearance.

McMahon opened the first night of WrestleMania 37 and thanked the fans for sticking with them over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the roster standing behind him, McMahon gave a speech about how the WWE was coming back and thanked everyone for believing in it. He also got in his signature catchphrase of WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA before starting the show.

He still has energy. Check out how McMahon looked in his most recent appearance:


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