Rich Swann needs to defeat Kenny Omega

Rich Swann needs to defeat Kenny Omega
Rich Swann needs to defeat Kenny Omega

Impact Rebellion is set for this Sunday, April 25. Across the card there several important matches that will push the future of Impact Wrestling forward. But there is one match on the card that will not only have an impact on Impact but will also cause mayhem in All Elite Wrestling. When Rich Swann and Kenny Omega face off in the ring, many are expecting Omega to come out on top. But this should be the time where Swann gets the pinfall, hoisting both titles above his head.

When the partnership between Impact and AEW kicked off, the professional wrestling industry was set ablaze. Fans were wondering exactly what would happen, who would appear on what show, and what that meant for the future of both organizations. Already, fans have seen involvement from the likes of FinJuice and The Good Brothers, but Impact has not received the same type of shine on AEW programming.

When Swann and Omega first faced off as a part of the six-man tag back at Hard to Kill in January. Omega picked up the victory, pinning Swann – much to the amazement of everyone watching. The AEW champion pinned the Impact champion in the center of the ring, kicking off the sequence of events leading to the two men meeting in this singles match. Omega has been on a tear, looking like the “belt collector” he claims himself to be.

But perhaps this is the time for Swann to pick up the victory. Impact has not had much momentum when it comes to the partnership with AEW. Outside of the Good Brothers, there has not been much of an Impact presence on AEW. In some ways, they have been the clear “second” in this entire angle. Defeating Swann and taking the Impact title over to AEW does not help that promotion currently. It would just cement the idea that Impact is second-tier and should not be seen as a threat to any of the highest members of the AEW roster.

The expectation is that Omega will pick up the victory in Sunday’s main event. He has been on such a run since stepping into AEW, it is hard to see any other outcome. But imagine how things would look if Swann took that AEW title off his shoulder at the end of the night. Both Impact and AEW that week would become must-watch television, which is the whole goal of this partnership between these two promotions.

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