NXT Results – Apr. 20, 2021 – O’Reilly vs. Grimes – TPWW

NXT Results – Apr. 20, 2021 – O’Reilly vs. Grimes – TPWW
NXT Results – Apr. 20, 2021 – O’Reilly vs. Grimes – TPWW

Results by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com

April 20, 2021
Orlando, FL – Capitol Wrestling Center
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

Quick Match Results

  1. LA Knight defeated Dexter Lumis via neckbreaker while Lumis was distracted by Indi Hartwell
  2. Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Breezango via Ticket to Mayhem on Breeze
  3. Sarray defeated Zoey Stark via side suplex
  4. NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Kushida (c) defeated Oney Lorcan via Hoverboard Lock
  5. Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated Ever-Rise via Doomsday uppercut on Parker
  6. Kyle O’Reilly defeated Cameron Grimes via top rope knee strike

In-Ring: Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly comes out in street clothes–denim jacket, shades, fedora, and new theme music. He gets on the mic in the ring. “In life we face constant struggles and challenges, and at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver I faced the toughest physical (challenge) of my life.” He asks for the lights to be adjusted. He then tells us how good it feels to have Adam Cole out of his life. He looks like he’s working on a potential faux hawk situation. Kyle says that it’s time to move on from Adam Cole. He questions what’s next for Kyle O’Reilly, then says that something he learned at TakeOver was that in order to succeed, you have to find a killer instinct. It was a killer instinct that Adam Cole operated on and KOR hesitated with. Kyle O’Reilly then goes on to state that he’s got a decision to make–does he go after the premiere title, the North American title? Or does he want to have a killer time going after the NXT Championship? He starts to refer to Karrion Kross when out walks Cameron Grimes.

“Kyle! Kyle O’Reilly! I”m just out here to say ‘congratulations!’ I mean, you’ve really showed that you could stand…and deliver! And to tell you the truth, I made a killing on DraftKings thanks to you, can you believe that? They actually thought you were the underdog.” Grimes calls KOR a top dog, and asks KOR to imagine how it’d be even better if he had someone backing him up. He calls KOR “Cool Kyle” and talks about marketing “Cool Kyle” sunshades and jackets and shirts. The crowd breaks into a “Cool Kyle” chant. Grimes lists other ventures, including their own digital currency–the KO Coin! KOR and Grimes say, in unison, that they can go “toooooo the moon!” KOR breaks the good news to the crowd–he’s been medically cleared and wants a fight tonight. He claims he saw an opponent somewhere around here, and begins to look down at the mat, up at the rafters, all around the ring. He tells Grimes “relax, it’s not you, we’re business associates!” Kyle puts on his shades and smiles at Grimes. “Oh wait, it is you!” He then lays out Grimes.

Earlier Today: Sarray, Zoey Stark

We get a clip from the parking lot earlier as Sarray and her translator arrive. William Regal welcomes her to NXT, and Zoey Stark comes up to compliment Sarray. She asks for the honor to be Sarray’s first opponent. Regal and Sarray both agree, and the match is official for later tonight!

Backstage: LA Knight

Knight cuts a promo about his debut stealing the light. He mentions the Gauntlet Eliminator and tells them what’d they expect, and calls them all dummies. He then addresses Lumis and questions how dare Dexter lay hands on him? He promises to win and we go to break with that match up next!

Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight

We return from the break as LA Knight makes his way out to the ring. The charming Wade Barrett, the legendary Beth Phoenix, and Tom Skerritt disguised as Tom Phillips disguised as Michael Cole disguising as a failed shapeshifter from the evil Walternate’s universe. As Lumis makes his way out, we get clips of this whole “InDex” thing between Indi and Lumis. The bell rings. Knight points out to the crowd and tries to egg on Dexter as the crowd breaks into mild dueling chants. Knight tells Lumis to bring it and both men grapple up. Knight shoves Lumis into the corner but breaks the grapple as the ref counts. Dexter fights out of the corner with big rights. Whip to Knight. Knight attempts to roll up Lumis, just like he did in the Gauntlet Eliminator, but Lumis escapes. Lumis with a big right followed by a rebound lariat. Knight briefly counters Lumis and makes the mistake of standing over his opponent while running his mouth. Lumis grabs Knight by the neck and Knight rolls out. Knight comes up on the apron, avoids a Lumis grapple, and springboards into the ring, laying out Lumis. Knight looks to whip Lumis; Lumis counters and takes Knight down with a huge lariat. Dexter slithers on the mat towards Knight. Knight tries to crawl back, and Lumis shoves Knight towards the ring post, causing Knight to crotch himself. Lumis and Knight grapple again, and Knight sends Lumis flying to the outside as the crowd chants for Knight and we go to break!

During the picture-in-picture break, Knight established firm control over Lumis. Knight takes Lumis into the ring and keeps the silent one grounded with a suplex and clothesline. Knight continues to use working holds to wear down Lumis. Knight with a lengthy headlock on Lumis. After a minute, Lumis fights to his feet only to be dropped by Knight again. Knight attempts covers but gets nothing. Knight whips Lumis into the corner and, as we return from break, Knight charges Lumis who reverses it into a big spinebuster! Lumis drops Knight with two big rights; a third rocks Knight back into a corner. Belly to back suplex from Lumis, followed by another! Lumis with a slingshot suplex off the ropes. Knight begins to fight back with a cheap shot, but Lumis sends Knight outside. Knight catches Lumis as he surfaces. Knight whips Lumis hard into the barricade and stairs. Lumis crawls along the ring, and the left cheek looks slightly knicked or cut. Knight and Lumis exchange a few fists.

Lumis gets some separation and sees Indi Hartwell. She accidentally trips while approaching him. InDex lock eyes and it costs him. Knight takes down Lumis from behind. Knight yells at Indi for wanting to be with Lumis. Dexter Springboards over the top rope to drop an elbow on Knight and sends him back in. Dexter backs up onto the apron and enters the ropes backwards, eyes locked with Indi Hartwell, and Knight uses the distraction again, this time picking up the win after a neckbreaker.

Your Winner, LA Knight

Lumis and Indi lock eyes again as she climbs up onto the apron. The crowd loudly begins a “kiss! kiss! kiss!” chant and right as they’re about to, the rest of The Way show up and rip her off the apron. They chastise her and lead her off to the back as we head to break.

Backstage: Leon Ruff

Backstage: Io Shirai, Franky Monet

Beth interviews Io Shirai about her loss to Raquel Gonzalez, ending her 300+ day reign as Women’s Champion. Io tells us that she’s entitled to a rematch, then states she needs to rest after such a long reign. They’re interrupted by Franky Monet, who offers to take over Shirai’s spot at the top of the women’s division. The segment ends with Shirai yelling at Monet in Japanese.

Breezango vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

We return to the ring, where Breezango are pacing like guards outside Westminster Abby, and dressed the part too. The GYV come out on the mics, insulted by their opponents. The GYV let us all know that they’re the future tag team champions. The bell rings and we start with Tyler Breeze and Gibson. Both men jockey for control at first but with no one taking control. Breeze tags in Fandango, who spars with Gibson until Drake is tagged in. Drake and Fandango battle to the ropes. Breeze with a dive over the top on the GYV as they attempt to regroup outside the ring, sending us to a break.

When we return we find Fandango standing over Drake. Drake’s holding his left knee and the ref kneels to check on him. Behind the ref’s back, Gibson pokes Fandango in the eyes. Drake immediately hops up thanks to that faith healing, and Fandango is sent to the GYV corner. Gibson comes in, hitting a double team maneuver with Drake. Gibson attempts two covers before going to a rear chin lock. Fandango gets a vertical base and flips off Gibson. Gibson pops up quick to hold Fandango from getting to Breeze. Fandango with a desperation move that leaves both down. Gibson crawls and tags in Drake. Drake grabs Fandango’s foot but fails to contain him and Breeze comes in. Breeze brawls with Drake. Breeze drops Drake and goes to cover, but catches Gibson coming in to make the save. Fandango is still down ringside. The GYV work together with quick tags and connect with the Ticket to Mayhem on Breeze, putting away their opponents.

Your Winners, Grizzled Young Veterans!

Backstage: The Way, Bronson Reed

Mackenzie starts to question Indi about her fixation with Dexter. The Way rushes up and tells Mackenzie that no one requested an interview. Bronson Reed asks why can’t The Way love love? Reed reminds Johnny Gargano that he’s still after his North American championship. Austin Theory stands between the two, puffing out his chest and telling Reed that to get to “Papa John” (Gargano), Reed has to go through him. Reed agrees and walks off as Gargano reminds Theory that he just lost to Reed last week and is still sore. Mackenzie holds out her mic to interview them but they refuse.

Backstage: Cameron Grimes

Grimes did his bit, then opened a letter and read it out loud, loudly exclaiming that Ted DiBiase himself wants to have a business venture with Grimes. The short segment ends with him excitedly exclaiming Ted DiBiase’s name.

Sarray vs. Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark makes her way out as we go to break! When we return, Sarray makes her long-expected NXT debut. Se comes out wearing red ring gear, with a pretty sash and to music that perfectly personifies Final Fantasy VII imo. The bell rings and we get straight to it. Stark starts off strong, and locks Sarray into a very unique submission in which Stark bridged up, akin to a Figure Eight. Sarray escapes and drops Zoey. Sarray with a strike and a drop again. Sarray slaps a reverse bridge chin-lock submission but Stark makes it to the bottom rope. Stark starts her comeback, streaking off the ropes and hitting a sliding clothesline on a seated Sarray for a close two. Sarray and Stark exchange control. Stark drops a series of elbows on Sarray’s shoulders before clasping a chin-lock. Stark releases and attempts a pin. Stark takes Sarray into the corner and stomps away at her. Stark pulls Sarray up by the hair as the ref warns her. Sarray punches Stark in the boob, and Stark angrily fires off a face-punch of her own in response. Stark takes Sarray down and locks her arms behind her. Sarray runs backwards into the corner in an attempt to knock loose Stark. Stark charges but Sarray dodges, and Star flips over onto the apron. Sarray knocks Stark off. Stark enters the ring and both women exchange a slow series of punches until Stark drops Sarray, who angrily slaps the mat and hops up. Sarray fires off a flurry of fists. Stark with a desperation dropkick to gain some separation, but Sarray hits one of her own straight to the crotch. Sarray with a Fisherman’s Suplex bridged into a close two. Stark hits a roundhouse when they both rise and drops Sarray. Stark kips up and hits a sliding knee to the jaw, covering for a close two. Stark goes up top and looks for a 450 Splash but Sarray moves. Stark drops Sarray and attempts a pin. Nothing! She attempts twice more, frustrated. Sarray blocks a suplex. Stark goes for it again and Sarray floats over to her feet. Sarray with big kicks and a stiff side suplex, locking an arm around Stark’s neck while pinning her to pick up the win!

Your Winner, Sarray!

Zoey Stark hugs Sarray and congratulates her on her victory. As Stark heads up the ring, Toni Storm ambushes her from behind. Storm was dressed more like Candace LeRae than herself.

Backstage: Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai

Mackenzie speaks to Raquel. Mackenzie insinuates that Kai might want a shot at her partner. Kai says of course she wants the NXT Women’s championship, but she also wants to go to Hogwarts, too, and we don’t always get what we want. She praises her friend, and Raquel puts the women’s division on notice.

Backstage: Indi Hartwell, Candace LeRae, Ember Moon, Shotzi Blackheart

Candace and Indi of The Way are walking backstage. Candace wants to go talk to William Regal about getting an NXT Women’s Tag championship match. Indi stops to stare through a window as LeRae continues to walk on and talk, not aware Indi’s not behind her. She comes across the champions, Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart, and talks trash to them before referring to herself and Hartwell as “family.” They ask her what family and she notices Hartwell isn’t there. She throws stuff in their face and attempts to run off, but they drag her kicking and screaming into the locker room before closing the door.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Kushida (c) vs. Oney Lorcan

We get a nice video package that covers Kushida’s career both in NXT and overseas, and highlights the multiple decorations and titles he’s won overseas–and now, his first in NXT!

Kushida is announced and comes out in his ring wear, his title about his waist. He gets in the ring and poses as he awaits to see who answers his open challenge. Kushida gets on the mic and says that last week, he answered an open challenge and won the title. He wants to give that opportunity to others, and asks who wants the challenge. He’s answered by Oney Lorcan! The ref holds the title up and our competitors set up. The bell rings. Wade Barrett notices that Kushida’s not wearing boots like usual, and simply has his feet in support braces. Barrett wonders if it’s a new strategy. Both men lock up and Kushida takes advantage early on. Kushida uses multiple working holds and submission holds to wear down Lorcan. Kushida with a big kick to the face on Oney. Lorcan recovers and locks Kushida in a side headlock. Kushida is sent into one rope and Oney comes off the other, with the quick sequence ending with an arm bar attempt against the ropes. Kushida and Lorcan exchange big chops and strikes, and Lorcan is sent out of the ring as we go to break.

When we return we see a clip from the break, where Lorcan flattened Kushida with a big running knee strike. Kushida counters a whip into a springboard back elbow strike, but Oney closes the distance and launches for a twisting European Uppercut that shuts Kushida down. Oney weakens Kushida’s sides and locks in an abdominal stretch. Kushida breaks free with quick elbows and posts up in a corner. Oney charges him, splashing him in the corner. Oney goes for it again but Kushida charges out, meeting him with a huge clothesline. Kushida takes Lorcan into the corner and batters him with kicks and palm thrusts as the ref counts. Kushida whips Lorcan into the other corner and attacks. Kushida sets Lorcan’s arm on the top rope and dives off the top turnbuckle, landing right on Lorcan’s arm! Lorcan with another European Uppercut that lays out Kushida and covers for a close two. Both men to their feet. Oney hits multiple chest chops as Kushida hulks up a bit, taking each loud chop with ease. Kushida fights back and attacks the injured, hyper-extended left elbow on Orcan. Kushida with a Hoverboard Lock on the injured arm and Oney can’t hold out.

Your Winner by Submission and STILL Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida!

As Kushida celebrates, Santos Escobar makes his way out onto the stage. Kushida is blindsided by Wilde and Mendoza and Legado triple-team Kushida. MSK hits the ring, making the save and helping Kushida fight back Legado.

Video Promo: Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes calls Raquel scared for not answering her challenge. She tells Raquel that Dakota Kai is in charge, and Raquel is her good little lapdog. Mercedes says she’ll do Raquel a favor and take out Dakota Kai, so no one will stand between them and their title bout. We go to break.

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) vs. Ever-Rise

Imperium, as represented by Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, are accompanied by Alexander Wolfe. A pre-recorded promo plays as they make their way down that claims Imperium is expanding. Ever Rise are already in the ring. We start Fabian Aichner and Parker. Aichner controls parker until Killian Dain comes down the ramp and has words with his former SAnitY partner Alexander Wolfe. The distraction almost costs Imperium as Parker rolls Aichner up. Aichner kicks out. Drake Maverick runs down and attacks Alexander Wolfe, and Dain slings Maverick up the ramp while demanding to know what he’s doing. Back in the ring, Imperium promptly put away Ever Rise within a few short moments to end a super-short match.

Your Winners, Imperium!

Next Week

There’ll be a six-man tag match between Legado del Fantasma and the team of Kushida + MSK; Mercedes Martinez looks to take out Dakota Kai; and Bronson Reed will face Austin Theory. If Reed wins, he’ll get a North American title shot.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Cameron Grimes

Before making his way out, O’Reilly comes across Scarlett and Karrion Kross who simply stare at him. Unintimidated, Kyle O’Reilly dances, rocks and air-guitars his way down to the ring to loud cheers. We go to break. Grimes makes his way out, showboating as usual. The bell rings and we’re off! Kyle circles back then sits in the middle of the ring, facing Grimes. When Grimes approaches, KOR pops up and puts an arm bar on Grimes. Grimes escapes and takes down Cool Kyle and attempts to latch onto Kyle’s left knee. KOR escapes and goes back to working on Grimes’ left arm. Grimes attempts to escape but KOR easily uses Grimes’ momentum to take him down to the mat and straddles him, applying a working hold. Grimes escapes and slaps on a rear arm hold until KOR takes Grimes down yet again. KOR slaps on a side headlock. Grimes to his feet and pushes Kyle against the ropes. The ref forces the break. As soon as the break occurs, Grimes takes KOR down with another side headlock. KOR fights to his feet and whips Grimes, who runs over KOR. Grimes celebrates and runs off the ropes, but is dropped by KOR this time. O’Reilly with another arm bar, grinding his forearm into Grimes’ upper arm while twisting the shoulder back. O’Reilly with a sucker punch when Grimes breaks free. Grimes shoulder tackles KOR and yells “you’re gonna sucker punch me?” O’Reilly proceeds to punch Grimes again, then delivers several kicks to the leg. Grimes fires back with two chest chops. Grimes comes off the ropes but KOR hooks him up, drops him to the mat and locks on an arm bar submission. Grimes quickly makes his way to the ropes. KOR breaks it. Grimes tries to escape but KOR grabs his foot. Grimes hops and touches the ropes, albeit briefly, but the ref doesn’t force the break. Grimes channels his inner redneck and sends Kyle out of the ring after a snap German Suplex and a dropkick as we go to break.

During the break Grimes takes control. Grimes with a strong Irish Whip that sends Kyle bouncing out of the corner. Grimes continues to use working holds, focusing on the neck and shoulder. Grimes with a stiff right, followed by clubbing elbows. Grimes attempts a pin but doesn’t win. Grimes kneels on O’Reilly’s neck briefly before realizing the optic’s not great. Grimes goes back to neck wrenching as we return from the break.

Grimes continues to maintain control for the first couple of minutes back, again using a strong Irish Whip to propel Cool Kyle into and off the corner. Grimes goes back to a rear chin lock. Grimes leans forward and repositions, then yanks back on O’Reilly’s recently-cleared neck. Grimes leans in and cranks back multiple times. Kyle fights to his feet and whips Grimes off. Grimes plows into O’Reilly and Kyle drops. Grimes goes off the ropes but KOR recovers and drops Grimes. KOR starts his comeback sequence, hitting his trademark palm, fist, and foot strike combination. KOR waits as Grimes stumbles to the corner, then charges in and hits a knee strike. KOR with a back drop and a submission attempt, but Grimes grabs the ropes before KOR can do any damage to his ankle. Grimes uses the ropes to pull himself up partially, nad KOR kicks the leg out, dropping Grimes down. Grimes again uses the ropes to pull himself up. KOR again goes for the low kick but Grimes avoids it. KOR counters a strike and locks in a side sleeper. It looks Grimes is going to sleep. Grimes escapes and hits a spinning sidewalk slam, covering for a close two. Both men are down, and slow to their feet. Grimes is up first and looks for a gutwrench German Suplex on KOR. O’Reilly fights it with back elbows. O’Reilly swivels and attempts a leg submission but Grimes reverses it into a pin attempt. Both men start a sequence of high impact strikes, back and forth. Grimes with big swings, and KOR responds with big kicks. Grimes takes KOR down and covers for another close two. Grimes moves to a corner and runs in at KOR, hopping up–and right into a big boot by O’Reilly! Grimes throws a kick and KOR dodges; Grimes follows up with another kick, knocking KOR down. KOR recovers fast and takes Grimes down with a strike of his own. KOR with a beautiful, yet short, brain busters. KOR runs up top and leaps off, dropping a knee on the back of Grimes’ neck and pinning him for the win in a great main event. We fade to black as time expires.

Your Winner, Kyle O’Reilly!

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