CM Punk Calls WWE TV Awful, Talks Potential Return

CM Punk Calls WWE TV Awful, Talks Potential Return
CM Punk Calls WWE TV Awful, Talks Potential Return

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The one that got away. Every generation has their version of a What If. Wrestling fans are always going to wonder what would have happened if something had changed or if something had gone another way. That can make for some very interesting situations as there are all kinds of possibilities out there. One of the most popular modern names is popping up in some discussions again.

Back in January 2014, CM Punk walked out of WWE and, save for a brief return for Backstage in 2019, has not been seen since. That is the kind of thing you do not see happen very often as Punk was still a huge star with the company. Punk likely could have walked back into the company and become a main eventer in the blink of an eye, but it never came. He will still pop up occasionally and as usual, his latest interview will get some people talking.

Punk spoke to Sports Illustrated for a new interview and discussed modern WWE, including the question of whether or not he would want to return to the company. In response, Punk said that WWE television is awful at the moment and while the company has billions of dollars, he would return as just another guy doing bad television. Punk said that he does not need the money and wanted to do fun projects instead of doing something that makes people hate watching it. There is nothing currently to suggest that Punk will be returning to WWE at any point in the future.

Punk last wrestled in the 2014 Royal Rumble and has not been seen on one of WWE’s main television shows since. He walked out on the company the night after the Royal Rumble due to a combination of injuries, burnout and frustration with the company. Since then he has competed in the UFC, written comic books and acted in various film projects. He was also rumored to have appeared as a masked man at an independent event in Wisconsin in 2019, though it was never confirmed.

Punk was a force during his time in WWE. Check out some of his best moments with the company:


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