Two Monday Night Raw Stars Switching Brands

Two Monday Night Raw Stars Switching Brands
Two Monday Night Raw Stars Switching Brands

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Pack your bags. WWE has three different television shows and that means there are three different places for wrestlers to go. With that many options available, sometimes you can see someone get switched around, which can give them a much needed fresh start. Moving a wrestler around can be the best thing to happen to them and that seems to be the case with two stars.

Back in August, Retribution made its WWE debut. The stable consisted of an unknown group of people coming in and causing havoc before running off again every time. That had some serious potential but unfortunately it never lived up to the hype. Instead the team faltered without every winning anything major and broke up earlier this year. The members needed something to do and now we might know what that is.

According to, two former members of Retribution have been moved from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown. Both Reckoning and Slapjack will be moving over, though WWE has not yet announced either move. It is not known if they will keep their Retribution names and looks. This comes less than a week after Slapjack and T-Bar attacked Drew McIntyre to end last week’s Monday Night Raw to possibly align themselves with the Hurt Business.

Reckoning, formerly known as Mia Yim, is a former NXT star who was called up to the main roster for the first time as part of the Retribution stable. She has not wrestled since the December 31, 2020 edition of Main Event when she was defeated by Nikki Cross. During her time on the main roster, she only wrestled four matches, winning only one of them as she defeated Cross on the December 24 Main Event.

Slapjack, formerly known as Shane Thorne, also came up from NXT to be part of Retribution, though he had dabbled on Monday Night Raw in 2020 during the early days of the Performance Center shows. He has wrestled sporadically on Monday Night Raw and pay per views during his time on the main roster, including challenging Bobby Lashley for the US Title at Hell in a Cell 2020. Slapjack’s most recent match took place on the April 9 SmackDown in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Both of them have done fairly well. Check out what SmackDown is getting:


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