Vince McMahon Has Some Very Odd Eating Habits

Vince McMahon Has Some Very Odd Eating Habits
Vince McMahon Has Some Very Odd Eating Habits

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Thank goodness he’s one of a kind. Vince McMahon has long since been the most important person in wrestling and will be until he is gone. That is the kind of thing that puts a lot of extra attention on him and sometimes that might not be the best thing in the world. McMahon is also one of the strangest and most unique human beings in history and the stories of him are some of the most amazing. Now we have another one.

While some of McMahon’s stories are completely insane, there are also some very impressive ones. It is fairly impressive to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine in your sixties but McMahon managed to make it happen. His dedication to fitness and staying in shape are near legendary, but his weird quirks have come into his diet as well, with a rather strange combination.

Stephanie McMahon was a guest on the Bill Simmons Podcast and spoke about Vince’s eating habits. While Stephanie mentioned that Vince will stick to his diet and eat clean most of the time, occasionally he will get into some junk food. Stephanie mentioned that Vince would use spray cheese out of a can on Oreos back in the 1980s and eat an entire bag in one sitting.

Vince can be a little out there. Check out some of his weirder moments:

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