Here Are The Likely Future Plans For Rhea Ripley

Here Are The Likely Future Plans For Rhea Ripley
Here Are The Likely Future Plans For Rhea Ripley

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That might be next. We are now in the post-WrestleMania 37 period and that means it is time to start seeing what else is out there. A lot of things changed over the two nights of WrestleMania and now we are going to get to see where these new stories are going. Some of the biggest adjustments will come from the new champions and now we might know where one of those champions are going.

WrestleMania 37 saw quite a few title changes, including Rhea Ripley being crowned the new Raw Women’s Champion by defeating Asuka. That makes Ripley one of the biggest stars in the women’s division and could mean quite the long title reign for her. However, she is going to have to defend the title and the first major defense could go in a few different ways.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Charlotte is likely to be involved in Ripley’s next title defense one way or another. Charlotte is currently scheduled to face Asuka during this week’s Monday Night Raw. Should Charlotte win, she is likely to receive a one on one shot against Ripley. However, if there is some kind of a non-finish, a triple threat would be more likely. While not confirmed, the match would probably be at WrestleMania: Backlash.

The three women have a history together. Charlotte defeated Ripley to win the NXT Title at WrestleMania 36 last year but Ripley never received a one on one rematch. After taking the Raw Women’s Title from Asuka, Ripley defended it against her the following night on Monday Night Raw, with Charlotte interfering to cause the double disqualification. Charlotte had also challenged Asuka for WrestleMania 37 before being taken off of WWE television prior to the show.

This is an interesting triangle. Check out how they are all connected:


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