Some Very Good News For Pat McAfee On SmackDown

Some Very Good News For Pat McAfee On SmackDown
Some Very Good News For Pat McAfee On SmackDown

IMG Credit: WWE
It would be great for a change. There are certain wrestlers who get your attention in a hurry because they are naturals in the wrestling business. That is the kind of thing that you cannot plan for but when you find one, it can be an incredible bonus for a promotion. NXT found one last year and now it has been sent over to SmackDown, which might even have an extra bonus.

Last year, former NFL star and sports podcaster Pat McAfee joined NXT and became an instant success in a feud with Adam Cole and eventually the Undisputed Era. McAfee wound up being one of the most natural talkers in wrestling and gave some of the best interviews in all of wrestling. He would also impress during his two matches as his natural athleticism helped as well. McAfee is now back in wrestling and he is getting some special treatment.

This week, McAfee debuted as a broadcaster on this week’s edition of SmackDown, replacing Corey Graves alongside Michael Cole. According to, WWE is aiming to avoid over-producing McAfee by letting him be himself more than most broadcasters. While McAfee is working for WWE, he will also be able to continue working on his other projects outside of the company.

You’ll get used to him. Check out McAfee’s time in wrestling:


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