Omos overdelivered in his first match at WrestleMania

Omos overdelivered in his first match at WrestleMania
Omos overdelivered in his first match at WrestleMania

Remember the days when WWE had giant superstars that they tried to make a big deal of? The countless names especially during the Ruthless Aggression Era that came in and left would have had your head spinning from left to right. Omos however, is not one of them.

Omos’ first match in WWE was at WrestleMania. AJ Styles partnered with Omos to take on New Day for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Not only did Omos and AJ Styles win the titles, but they also did so in spectacular fashion. Omos looked opposing and intimidating despite his inexperience in the ring.

But it was not only Omos. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods went out of their way to make the giant superstar look good. They sold and also put him over like a legitimate threat. There is a reason why the word “professional” is always first in professional wrestling. That is because everyone in the ring is a professional.

While they both made him look good, Omos also did not look like he was trapped in the big moment. He had ring awareness and knew what he was doing. Omos did what a big man is supposed to do and that is, act like a big man.

This is a strong contrast to the names that came in the past. Names such as Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan, Mark Jindrak, Mason Ryan, Bam Neeley, Brakkus, and much more all failed to give a reason for fans to care about them in WWE. Omos has something over all of them. He has a “cool” factor. Look at the fans at WrestleMania when they reacted to him once he got in the ring. He did not embarrass himself at all as they were more intrigued by what he was going to do next over what he could not do.

It will be interesting to see what the WWE does with this giant man next.

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