WWE Hall Of Famer To Make NXT Appearances

WWE Hall Of Famer To Make NXT Appearances
WWE Hall Of Famer To Make NXT Appearances

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That’s where they can help. Wrestling is a unique form of entertainment as you have the modern wrestling but legends are a bit of a bigger part of the show than what you would see elsewhere. Every now and then someone might pops back in for a story or a segment of some kind, often because they are perfectly suited for the spot. That seems to be the case again.

NXT has an amazing collection of talent from around the world, featuring all kinds of wrestlers who have been able to showcase themselves on national television. This has allowed them to try out some new things and see what works. Sometimes you’ll see someone find something new and it will work like a charm. Someone else has done it again and now a legend will be coming back for a cameo.

During a recent appearance on the Booker T. Hall of Fame Radio Show, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase mentioned that he was scheduled to head to the WWE Performance Center to work with Cameron Grimes. This comes after Grimes has been playing a rich character in recent weeks, including offering to pay fans to do various tasks in the vein of DiBiase. There is no word on when DiBiase will appear.

During his original run with the WWF, DiBiase would offer fans large sums of money to do certain things, such as dribble a basketball ten times in a row or something similar, only to have DiBiase interrupt them in the end. One such person to do this as a kid was future WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam, who was cheated out of the money as well. Grimes has tried the same tricks, albeit with less success.

Who did it better? Check out both of them at their trade, including the Van Dam appearance, and the full interview:


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