Bianca Belair gives her victory speech on SmackDown which leaves Sasha Banks fuming

Bianca Belair gives her victory speech on SmackDown which leaves Sasha Banks fuming
Bianca Belair gives her victory speech on SmackDown which leaves Sasha Banks fuming

The EST era has begun!

Bianca Belair is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion and she was welcomed to the ring to celebrate by her husband and fellow Superstar Montez Ford alongside his tag team partner Angelo Dawkins. Once in the ring, Belair stood center to give a much-deserved victory speech as the virtual crowd chanted EST!

“Wow. I feel like I have been floating since Saturday night. My mind is blown, my heart is filled, and I just feel so blessed. But you know, despite the setbacks and the struggles, I never stopped believing that this moment was possible.

And my family, you know my family has been making history for generations and they are the ones who showed me that when you demand greatness from yourself, that no matter how hard something may get, that you can change the game. Because if you were to ask me a year ago that I ever imagined that I would main event WrestleMania, that I would win the SmackDown Women’s Championship….well I mean I probably would have said yeah.

I mean, I would have. I probably would have said yes. But that’s not cockiness. That’s just being unapologetically me. Because everybody has some EST within themselves and when you find your EST, when you know that you are talented and you know that you work hard you should never apologize for looking somebody in their face and telling them – ‘I am the B E-S-T.’ Because if you can dream it, you can do it.

Because I went to WrestleMania and I showed up and I showed out. But you know what, it’s not just about me. Sasha Banks. Sasha, thank you because there is nobody that I would rather share the spotlight with other than you. You pushed me harder than anybody else. And it takes two. We both made history. We did.

But Sasha, if you ever try to forget it. Just know that I kind of left you with a little something to remember me by. But this is also more about Sasha too. This moment is so much bigger than that. This is for all those little girls that were watching at Raymond James Stadium or even sitting at home and especially the ones that saw themselves when they looked at me. This is for you!!

At WrestleMania, it was magic but just know we are just getting started creating history.”

After her speech she motivated The Street Profits to get themselves gold in their match that came next. Once the celebration was finished, Sasha Banks was backstage and she was fuming. Kayla Braxton was trying to interview her by commenting on their match at WrestleMania.

Banks stopped her and after saying Bianca’s name showed the mark that the SmackDown Women’s Champion left on her body from her braid. Banks didn’t get out any more words as she stormed off-screen.

With Banks unable to get her words out, Bayley saw an opportunity backstage by being interviewed by Braxton. Bayley stated that Banks probably wants a rematch but she was so angry that she couldn’t put together a sentence while Belair was out in the ring showboating. She calls Belair arrogant and the reason why Belair was crying before her match at WrestleMania was that she didn’t think she could get the job done. This all while Bayley was too busy hosting both nights to try and save the show.

She ends by saying that she is challenging Bianca to take the title from her and restore dignity to the championship.

The one women’s match of the night was Natalya facing Shayna Baszler. Baszler and Nia Jax retained their WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania against Natalya and Tamina. Tamin and Jax were both at ringside.

After a kick to the mouth to Natalya, Baszler tried to put her opponent away with the Kirifuda Clutch. Nattie shoved Baszler to the ropes avoid the submission and almost caused Baszler to run into Jax who was on the ring apron. The advantage was taken by Nattie as she rolled up Baszler for the win.

After the match, Jax went after Nattie but was stopped by Tamina to end the segment.

What did you think of Bianca’s speech? Do you think that Bayley will get a title match next or will Sasha get her rematch? Will Natalya and Tamina finally get tag team gold at some point? Leave your thoughts below.

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