WWE Confirms Another Superstar Release

WWE Confirms Another Superstar Release
WWE Confirms Another Superstar Release

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There goes another one. There are so many people on the WWE roster that sometimes you forget some of them are around. WWE might not use all of them very frequently and it can get annoying having one of them sit on the sidelines for months at a time. That can leave fans wondering what is happening to you, but now we will not have to be worrying about that for one more wrestler.

The biggest story of the day has been the string of WWE releases, as eight wrestlers and a broadcaster have all been let go from the company so far. That is quite the busy day, but it also leaves fans wondering who might be next on the chopping block. With so many names already gone, it also has people talking about other wrestlers who survived the releases. It turns out one more did not make it.

WWE.com has also confirmed the release of Mojo Rawley, whose name was not on the original list of releases. Rawley was signed to WWE in 2012 and spent three years in NXT, mainly wrestling in singles matches. Eventually he formed a team called the Hype Bros with Zack Ryder with the pair eventually being called up to the main roster. During their time together, Rawley won the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. Rawley’s most recent match took place on the June 15, 2020 SmackDown.

He had some time on the roster. Check out Rawley in WWE:


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