Remember Me? WWE Filming Promos For Surprise Return

Remember Me? WWE Filming Promos For Surprise Return
Remember Me? WWE Filming Promos For Surprise Return

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Welcome back? Every now and then, you see a wrestler you know is different. Maybe it is in how they look or how they work in the ring, but there is something about them that stands out above all of the rest. Then sometimes they go away for whatever reason and fans are left scratching their heads. That was the case last year, but now we might be seeing a change.

One of the stranger decisions WWE has made in recent months is leaving Aleister Black on the sidelines. For some reason, Black has not wrestled a match since October and has been stuck sitting in catering ever since. It seems to be that Vince McMahon just does not like him but there is also a chance that it has something to do with Black’s wife Thea Trinidad being released. This has been an odd situation, but it might be coming to an end.

According to, WWE has begun filming promos for Black’s return to television. It is not clear when Black will return, though he was sent from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown in 2020 WWE Draft. He has yet to make his SmackDown debut though, as his first match took place before the Draft aired. There is no word on what Black will be doing or who he will be feuding with when he returns.

Black, 35 years old, is a former NXT Champion but has yet to win a title on the main roster. Along with Keith Lee, Black is the only former NXT Champion to have been called up to the main roster full time without winning a championship. Since his debut on Monday Night Raw in 2019, Black has floated around from feud to feud without much in the way of a signature win.

Black can certainly go. Check out his time on the main roster:


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