SmackDown Star Interested In Facing Kenny Omega

SmackDown Star Interested In Facing Kenny Omega
SmackDown Star Interested In Facing Kenny Omega

IMG Credit: All Elite Wrestling
That could be interesting. The wrestling world has changed quite a bit in recent years as advances in technology have allowed fans to see a lot more content than they ever could before. That makes for some interesting new directions, as various wrestlers are getting far more exposure. It also makes fans wonder what would happen if some wrestlers from different promotions clashed more often, and now two of them seem interested in the idea as well.

There are a lot of wrestlers in WWE today and unfortunately a lot of them are never given the chance to do much. Both fans and wrestlers have noticed this issue and it has become a rather annoying situation for a lot of people. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about it, with several wrestlers having no choice but to sit things out and hope for the best. One WWE wrestler might be thinking about the future though, and an AEW star seems interested.

SmackDown star Murphy was asked who his dream opponent would be outside of WWE. Murphy responded by saying Kenny Omega, the reigning AEW World Champion. Omega responded, saying that Murphy is the kind of athlete he enjoys watching and that it would be cool to face him. There is no word on when Murphy’s WWE contract expires or if AEW would be interested in signing him, assuming Murphy left the company.

This could be interesting indeed. Check out both of them in the ring:


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