Good News: Update On D-Von Dudley’s Health Status

Good News: Update On D-Von Dudley’s Health Status
Good News: Update On D-Von Dudley’s Health Status

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That’s great to hear. Believe it or not, wrestlers are people just like us. They are able to appear on television and come off as some of the biggest stars in the world, but they are also going to have their share of problems every now and then. That includes health issues, which can be as devastating to them as they are to anyone else. We saw that just a few months ago, but now things are looking up.

There are very few tag teams with the kind of success that the Dudley Boyz have enjoyed over the years. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley did all kinds of amazing things in the ring and dominated tag team wrestling in the WWE in ways almost no one else ever has. Both have since retired from the ring, with D-Von moving into a producer role in WWE. Things went a bit south for him back in November, but they are starting to look up.

Back in November, D-Von suffered a stroke, which had him in very poor health. He has since recovered and during an appearance on the JOFO in the RING podcast, D-Von revealed that he is at about 85-90% healthy. D-Von has been home recovering, though WWE is ready to have him back when he is at full health. Vince McMahon has been in touch with D-Von as well to check on his status. D-Von did not suggest when he would be back at work.

He was part of quite a team. Check out how the Dudleyz were in the ring:


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