Former Intercontinental Champion Teases WWE Return

Former Intercontinental Champion Teases WWE Return
Former Intercontinental Champion Teases WWE Return

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One more time? Wrestling is a weird sports as it is a lot harder to leave than most others. While mainstream sports are the kind that allows its athletes to get out a lot easier, wrestlers are able to stick around a lot longer and can get booked on a variety of shows outside of the big leagues. That can make it difficult to stay out, and now someone might be making a return.

NXT has come a very long way in its history. The show is now the third brand in WWE and has held its own tours and major events. Going from little more than filler programming on to what they have here is astounding, but NXT goes even further back than that. At one point the show was almost a game show for wrestlers, but some of those names went a long way. Now one of those wrestlers might be thinking about getting back in the ring.

During this week’s edition of the After The Bell podcast, former Intercontinental Champion and NXT broadcaster Wade Barrett suggested that he might wrestle again. Barrett said that it would not take much to get him back in the ring, though he was enjoying his commentary job. Barrett, 40 years old, has not wrestled since the April 4, 2016 Monday Night Raw, though he has appeared in various promotions since then.

After winning the first season of NXT, Barrett went on to become a mainstay of the WWE roster for several years, including leading both the Nexus and the Corre, followed by the League of Nations a few years later. Barrett is a five time Intercontinental Champion and also won the 2015 King of the Ring. There is no word on if WWE is interested in having him get back in the ring.

Barrett was a pretty big deal in WWE. Check out what he did during his time in the ring:


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