BREAKING: WWE Announces Nine Releases

BREAKING: WWE Announces Nine Releases
BREAKING: WWE Announces Nine Releases

It happens to everyone. There are so many people on the WWE roster that it can be hard to keep track of them all. With the amount of people the company has wrestling for it, you can only find so many things for people to do. That can create a problem as a lot of wrestlers are left sitting on the sidelines. There are ways around that though, and now WWE has dealt with some of them.

Back on April 15, 2020, WWE began a string of releases that ultimately saw dozens of wrestlers and agents released from the company. This opened the door for multiple promotions to be able to bring in fresh talent, many of whom instantly became prominent players for other companies. That was a huge deal, and now we might be in for another similar situation.

WWE has released nine names from their contracts. So far, the company has released Tucker, Samoa Joe, Chelsea Green, Kalisto, Bo Dallas, Wesley Blake, Mickie, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. This comes after several of the wrestlers appeared during either at WrestleMania or during WrestleMania week shows, including Samoa Joe, who was on the WrestleMania broadcast team for both nights. There is no word on if more releases are coming.

Several of these names have not been active in recent months, with Dallas not wrestling since November 2019 and Tucker only wrestling in a battle royal since November 2020. Green has only wrestled one match on the main roster but was injured during the match and never appeared on television again. Royce and Kay were a regular tag team for a year and a half before being split in 2020. Both would team with various other wrestlers but nothing stuck.

These are some talented people. Check out some of the in the ring:

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