WWE Has Some Worries About Alexa Bliss

WWE Has Some Worries About Alexa Bliss
WWE Has Some Worries About Alexa Bliss

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It is a bit of a worry. There are all kinds of wrestlers under the WWE umbrella and that can make for a lot of different scenarios. With so many different stars in WWE, there are a lot of different ways to present them. Sometimes it becomes clear that most of these ways are not working, which can create a problem. That seems to be the case again with a Monday Night Raw star.

Starting last fall, Alex Bliss became the newest follower of the Fiend, which started her as one of the new major female villains on the show. Bliss has gone on to develop similar powers to the Fiend and now seems to have walked away from him entirely. This means that Bliss could be striking out on her own again, but that means we might be in for a rather different presentation, as something could be missing.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is worried about having Bliss wrestle matches against other women, as she made one of her most recent opponents, Nikki Cross, seem like nothing. Bliss and Cross last wrestled against each other on the February 1 Monday Night Raw. Cross has not wrestled since and Bliss’ only match since then was against Randy Orton, where she only covered him after the Fiend attacked Orton. This is due to Bliss’ character rather than an issue with her in-ring abilities.

It might be a bit before you see them again. Check out Bliss vs. Cross and the two on their own:


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