WATCH: Former Champion Makes NXT Debut

WATCH: Former Champion Makes NXT Debut
WATCH: Former Champion Makes NXT Debut

IMG Credit: Impact Wrestling
Nice to meet you. There are a lot of wrestling promotions in the world today and thanks to modern technology, you can now see more of them than ever before. There is so much content out there that it is impossible to keep track of everything and that gives fans all kinds of options. That makes it very fun when you see different wrestlers pop up every now and then. We saw that again this week.

After starting as little more than an internet show that served as filler content, NXT has become one of the most prominent wrestling shows in the world. It airs every week on the USA network for two hours every Tuesday night, allowing fans a chance to see the stars of tomorrow. As a result, wrestlers are going to want to see who winds up coming to the promotion and now we have another fresh face.

One of the most exciting moments in wrestling is seeing someone new but familiar show up on a wrestling show. You never know who you might be seeing debut on any given show and that was the case this week on NXT. A series of vignettes had aired showing a dog running throughout NXT and eventually running into a woman named Franky Monet. We had not seen her face yet, but now that has changed.

This was a big time setup. Check out how Monet made her debut:


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