Roman Reigns should’ve lost, and here’s why

Roman Reigns should’ve lost, and here’s why
Roman Reigns should’ve lost, and here’s why

WrestleMania 37 ends with Roman Reigns retaining the WWE Universal Championship and I have mixed feelings about that. He doesn’t need to be the new Brock Lesnar. Also, I would have rather seen him lose than be risk him being dismissed by fans…again.

Roman Reigns needed to drop the belt to Edge so he could win it back. This would have reset his reign and put more “good heat” on him.

Roman Reigns returned to Smackdown with a whole new gimmick, drawing from the roots of his family heritage, adding the heel turn we’ve all been waiting for. I’ve waited five years for this, and it’s awesome.  The storyline with Jey Uso challenging him for the title and having to fall in line establishing Reigns as the “Tribal Chief” was golden. I’m not against any of that. My issue is last night, Roman Reigns single handedly dismantled two storylines.

First, there was Edge: The man who came back after a decades-long absence to win the Royal Rumble, choose Roman, and get back a belt he never lost. Then there’s Daniel Bryan, a man who thought it was time to get back to him rather than spend the rest of the year helping other wrestlers. Both were beat by Reigns now. Where does that go? Do they start a feud and we get a WrestleMania rehash at the next PPV? Will it be Edge vs. Bryan for the No.1 Contender’s spot? And do we really want to watch that?

Reigns could have picked up more steam losing to Daniel Bryan at WM37, winning at the next PPV, and then facing Edge at SummerSlam, giving Edge his return run as champ and a short reign before the Fall season. Now it’s just a matter of who’s next to get beat by Reigns. Is it still watchable? Of course. Reigns is at his best right now, but his story is going to be a case of the obvious if it isn’t already. What is needed to his Goliath of a character is a David. He needs to face someone on the roster that gets the surprise win over him no one sees coming. That might be Cesaro. Only time will tell.

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