Longtime NXT Star Walks Officially Resigns

Longtime NXT Star Walks Officially Resigns
Longtime NXT Star Walks Officially Resigns

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So long? NXT is about as unique of a wrestling promotion as you can find these days, as it serves not only as the official developmental territory for WWE but also as its third brand. That puts it in a strange place, as there are some wrestlers who become stars there but are instantly called up to the main roster. At the same time, you have some wrestlers who seem to be NXT lifers for one reason or another. This week, one of those names seemed to wrap up his time in the promotion.

The Undisputed Era was the most dominant stable that NXT has ever seen. At one point, the company held every title they could in the promotion and completely controlled everything NXT had to offer. It saw all four members as some of the top stars NXT had ever seen, but now the team has been completely wiped out. With the team gone, we seem to have lost a wrestler.

During this week’s edition of NXT, Roderick Strong, accompanied by his wife Marina Shafir, submitted his resignation to General Manager William Regal. The resignation was accepted, with Regal saying Strong would be welcomed back any time. This comes after the Undisputed Era split has left Strong emotional, including the sight of an Undisputed Era inspired arm band costing him a match against Cameron Grimes. There is no word on if Strong will be returning to NXT or being called up to the main roster.

Strong has been a heck of a star in NXT. Check out what he has done during his time there:


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